Your Hosts

Hello there!

We're Patricia (Patchie) and Gian Claudio (Emi > we'll spill the beans when you arrive, 😂), your hosts at the enchanting Ca' de Mazapédar Guesthouse.

Patricia, a Filipino with a Mass Communication degree, speaks Tagalog (Filipino), English, and a modest grasp of Italian.

Gian Claudio, the Italian half of our dynamic duo, is a graphic designer fluent in Italian, English, Romagnolo, and, on occasion, a hint of French.

Quite the delightful pair, wouldn't you say? 😉 ❤️

Our venture into Ca' de Mazapèdar is fueled by a shared passion for hospitality, culture, and the sheer joy of connecting with new souls. As avid travelers enamored with diverse cultures and culinary wonders, we swung open our doors to curate an unforgettable experience for you and unveil the authentic Romagnola tradition. Anticipate shared tales, hearty laughter, and the magical ambiance of Romagna to envelop you during your stay.

Our guesthouse transcends the notion of a mere resting place; it's a warm embrace, a sanctuary where you can unwind and truly feel at home. A haven where the spirit of good humor reigns supreme! "Laugh, laugh, laugh!" is our mantra, firmly believing that life is better faced with a beaming smile!

Immerse yourself in the moments with us, and should you need any information, feel free to reach out.

Warm regards,

Patchie and Emi