A star was born in San Lorenzo, the Mazapédar!

I met Emi (Gian Claudio, Patricia’s husband) on the occasion of the publication of the book "I never wrote and nobody is in love: 60 sonnets by William Shakespeare", which I illustrated for the publisher Lamberto Fabbri which Emi has masterfully packaged graphically.

Then, after some time since the publication of the book, one morning last May, Emi calls me and tells me that, in addition to dealing with graphics, he is also opening with his wife Patricia, a landlord who wants to call Ca' de Mazapédar, and who wants to entrust me with the creation of the mascot logo of the renter, namely the Mazapédar, a sprite typical of the Romagna tradition!

A naughty and naughty sprite, which is present a little in all the traditions of Italian rural culture, taking different forms, habits, and names.

A being that is halfway between the human and the bestial, that can have funny traits, but also a little disturbing.

Emi’s proposal immediately excited and fascinated me, creating characters and interpreting their character aspects, to give life to a mascot - a logo, that is unique and original, is an aspect that I love a lot of my work as an artist.

The idea of the Mazapédar, would then take the form of a beautiful color table, which would become the image-event logo of the landlord, and which I enjoyed very much to realize.

To create the character of the Mazapédar, I first read about the Romagna tradition and how it is described, in its salient characteristics, both morphological and character - an impertinent and spiteful sprite, with features that are halfway between the monkey, the cat, and the night being, which could also refer to a bat.

I have elaborated a series of preliminary sketches, that didn’t convince me much, until one day I saw it literally appear before my eyes, as you can see from the sketch we inserted in the page.

First sketch of the Mazapédar
First sketch of the Mazapédar

I emailed the sketch to Emi, and he immediately called me on the phone: he and Patricia were delighted! It was as if the Mazapédar had just been born before their eyes!

"Sure," said Emi, "it’s beautiful, but we should just give him a less creepy expression and a touch of "Romagnolità", considering that the landlord will be attended by families with children, and we want children to sleep peacefully and do not have nightmares... ah ah ah...! then add the Caveja to the stick, yellow and red, the colors of Romagna in the clothes and it will be perfect!!"

"In fact," I replied, "your remark seems to me well founded dear Emi... ah ah ah... !".

Thus, in the final color table, which you can see in this article, the Mazapédar took on a decidedly more sympathetic expression, like a somewhat spiteful spirit but who watches benevolently over the Ca' de Mazapédar, welcoming all visitors and travelers.

Finished color board
Finished color board

Considering that I have also been painting murals for some time, I proposed to Emi and Patricia to also create murals with the Mazapédar around the Ca' de Mazapédar.

They accepted the proposal with great enthusiasm, and so we decided to make the leprechaun appear cute here and there on the walls of the house, while bothering the visitors a little, laughing happily.

The creation of these small murals was an opportunity to spend a wonderful week together, last August, with Emi, Patricia, and several friends who were in charge of the renovation of the Ca' de Mazapédar.

A house immersed in the beauty of the Romagna countryside, with a rustic spirit and a warm welcome, which I immediately loved, feeling totally relaxed and at ease, with work days that passed happily and "without stress", seasoned with good food and good wine from Romagna: Emi and Patricia are also two fantastic cooks!

For me, it was a really beautiful and unforgettable experience, which gave birth to a beautiful friendship, which goes beyond the "mere" professional relationship, with Emi, Patricia, and other friends who attend Ca' de Mazapédar.

Emi and Patricia are two rare and special people, with whom it is nice to spend time together and, without wanting to do "commercials", their Ca' de Mazapédar is really a unique bright, and charming place, that once known lived in the heart so much desire and nostalgia to be able to return soon.

FuocoFatuo – Artist - Instagram @blu_will_o_the_wisp